Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester of Data Science Discovery!

Application open for students August 9th to August 22nd [Extended to August 29th]

Discovery connects undergraduates with hands-on, team-based opportunities in cutting-edge data research projects at UC Berkeley, government agencies, community groups, and entrepreneurial ventures. Some of our past Project Partners are shown below:

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Application Instructions

Use this application portal to browse this semester’s projects and submit your application.

Each student may only apply to 3 Discovery projects.

  1. Login using your Berkeley email address.
  2. Create a profile that will be included in your application. You will be asked for a brief general interest statement.
  3. Browse projects and click “Apply” on the projects that interest you. You will be asked to submit an interest statement for each project you apply to.
Matching Process

Phase 1 (Student Applications): Student applications will be accepted from August 9th to August 22nd. [Deadline extended to August 29th for all projects with fewer than 20 applicants. All students may apply to up to 6 projects during this extension].

Phase 2 (Application Review): From August 23rd to September 8th, Project Partners will begin scheduling interviews and making offers via email.

Phase 3 (Offer Acceptance): Students will have until September 10th to accept or reject offers.

Program Requirements

The program offers variable units on a P/NP basis.

In order to receiving a passing grade:

  1. Students are expected to commit 6-12 hours per week to their research project (the exact time commitment expected should be confirmed with the project partner). 1 unit of academic credit is available for every 3 hours of work per week. See below for instructions regarding enrollment information.
  2. All student teams are required to submit a Mid-Term Progress Report (this will be sent to you as a Google Form to fill out)and a Final Presentation during reading week.
  3. Students will be required to respond to 4 short surveys throughout the semester (beginning of the semester, halfway through the semester, before reading week, after the semester).

A number of resources are available to support Discovery teams, including graduate student mentors, working groups, pre-recorded workshops, peer consultants and cloud computing credits. We encourage each student to engage at least one time with each resource in the first 4 weeks of your project.

Enrollment Information

Academic Credit: If you accept an offer with a Discovery project you will be invited to enroll in a section of Data 198 (one unit is available for every 3 hours of work you do). More details on receiving  credit will come after the application deadline.


We want to make sure that we’re providing all the information you need to have a successful semester with Discovery. Feel free to leave your feedback here on this anonymous form. If you have any additional questions, please contact ds-discovery@berkeley.edu.


Project Partner applications are closed for this semester. Please check back later for information on how to apply to be a Project Partner for next semester.

Through partnership with Discovery, Project Partners will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase your capacity to take on data-centric projects, at any level of complexity

  • Collaborate with UC Berkeley’s world-class data science students

  • Create cutting edge machine learning, neural network, and AI algorithms to get new insights and tangible results from your data science projects

  • Rely on an infrastructure of technical and project management support for your student team

  • Join our network of professors, graduate and undergraduate students, and past Project Partners such as NASA, UCSF, Creative Commons, BART and more.

  • Access free cloud computing and data storage resources.

Check out our archive of past projects here.


For specific inquiries about our program email ds-discovery@berkeley.edu.

To learn more about the program visit https://data.berkeley.edu/research/discovery.